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Harnessing the power of trusted automotive data, CARFAX Canada helps Canadian used car buyers, sellers and industry leaders make informed decisions. 

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Buy with confidence – CARFAX Canada tells you if the car has accident history, liens, unfixed safety recalls and more, before you make a purchase.

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Build trust – providing a CARFAX Canada report with your used car has been proven to help it sell faster and at the right price.

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We have run over 13,170,671 vehicle history reports.
Here’s what they can tell you:

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Accident history

Previous damage can impact the value and safety of a vehicle, especially if it hasn’t been repaired properly. CARFAX Canada can tell you about any damage from a hail storm to a total loss, providing third-party validation of the vehicle’s history. Whether you’re a transparent seller or a savvy buyer, we help you buy and sell with confidence.

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Total damage found by CARFAX Canada to date: $12.2 Billion.


Money owed

A lien is basically a loan, and if a vehicle has a lien on it, the new owner could find themselves responsible for the previous owner’s debt. CARFAX Canada can help ensure there are no registered liens before you buy or sell your next vehicle.

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37% of vehicles run by CARFAX Canada have a lien registered against them.

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Unfixed safety recalls

An estimated 1 in 5 Canadian vehicles have an unfixed safety recall, meaning they’ve been deemed unsafe to drive by their own manufacturer. Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s important to know that the vehicle’s safe. CARFAX Canada can help you find out.

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1 in 5 vehicles registered in Canada have an unfixed safety recall.


Used Car Value

A vehicle’s history impacts its value. As Canada’s most trusted source of automotive data, CARFAX Canada provides accurate used vehicle appraisals based on factors that could influence car value like damage records, odometer readings and registration history. Whether you’re a seller looking to set a competitive asking price, or a buyer wanting assurance the vehicle is priced fairly, CARFAX Canada True Value is your go-to for precise, unbiased used car valuations.

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