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Check the Accident and Collision History of a Used Car

What is accident or damage history?

Often, it’s hard to tell from an ad or image if a used vehicle has been in an accident or damaged in some other way. But hidden damage is one of the biggest concerns when buying a used car.

The same goes for selling a used vehicle. The first thing a potential buyer will ask is whether the car was ever damaged and if so, what you did to fix it. That’s where a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report can help.

What is a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report?

Our report is the most comprehensive vehicle history account you’ll find anywhere. It provides a wealth of details about a used car based on available information from insurance companies, dealerships, service shops and police records. We have access to billions of data records drawn from thousands of unique sources, including data that you won’t find anywhere else.

What will the accident history tell me?

The accident history section of the vehicle history report provides a comprehensive summary of any reported incidents or damage on a car. This can include damages from collisions or extreme weather conditions – anything that can impact the integrity of the vehicle.

The report provides details of a vehicle’s accident and damage records so you have the right information in hand to make the best decisions possible – whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

Where data is available, the report will tell you the following:

  • The number of incidents
  • The dates they occurred
  • The point of impact
  • The dollar amount of the repairs

View an example of a report here.

Why do I need it?

Having detailed, accurate, third-party information on the accident history of a car can help you:

  • Protect yourself from fraudulent claims and potential liability
  • Uncover events that the seller may not have disclosed or been aware of
  • Negotiate a fair and accurate price

If there are no damage or accident records on the report, that’s great! This could be the perfect car for you. Even if there is a history of damage or accidents, it could still be a reliable vehicle as long as it was repaired properly. And you might even get a better deal!

How do you get it?

Visit our order page and follow the simple steps outlined to receive a report. The report will be generated on-demand as the data is provided in real time.

If you’re buying a used car from a dealership, ask your sales representative for a CARFAX Canada report.

In order to protect yourself when buying used, we always recommend the golden trio:

  1. Take the car for a test drive
  2. Get a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report
  3. Bring the report and the car to a licensed mechanic for an inspection