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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Car Tips

As Canada moves towards the easing of social distancing rules, your car will need to be prepared to hit the road again. Here are a few things you can do while you’re at home to make sure it’s ready for your next journey.

Drive around the block once a week

You may not be using your car that much, or at all, right now. Cars are meant to be driven! Sitting unused for days can have negative effects on many parts of your car, so it’s important to take it for a short drive once a week to prevent this.

A quick trip will:

  • Keep your battery charged
  • Ensure the moving parts stay lubricated
  • Prevent your tires from deflating or getting flattened spots
  • Release the pressure in your brakes, helping them stay in better shape longer

Can’t find a moment to take it for a spin? Even just starting your car and letting it run for 10 – 15 minutes can still help keep it in good shape.

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Clean it inside and out

Winter can do a number on your car, and what better time to spruce it up than now! From vacuuming the floor mats, to dusting the dashboard to checking your tire tread depth – there’s plenty to do to get your car ready for road trip season. Thinking of cleaning your windows and not sure how to do it without leaving smudges all over the glass? Try using a microfiber cloth with cleaning solution of choice and it should leave it mess free.

7 steps to get your car ready for spring.

Ready to start scrubbing? After winter, you’ll want to remove the salt that’s been collecting on the outside of your car. Don’t forget to get under the vehicle; salt can build up on the undercarriage and cause long term damage.

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Don’t fall behind on your car maintenance schedule

It’s important to stay up to date on your car’s maintenance during lockdown. If you don’t, negative effects could appear down the road when you least expect them.

Monthly, you should be checking:

  • Tire pressure and for any cracks
  • Interior and exterior lights
  • Oil and coolant levels
  • For cracks in your windshield

Our car maintenance guide is an easy way to learn the best ways to keep your car in great shape.

Prepare for selling your car and buying a new one

Looking to get into a new car once this is all over? Whether you’re selling privately or you’d rather trade in your vehicle to a dealership, the process always includes preparing your car. Clean out the back seat and trunk, get your oil changed and repair minor scratches – take some time to get your car looking its best.

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While it’s important that you keep your car running smoothly, it’s far more important that you stay safe. So, if you do need to go out, practice social distancing and follow the precautions that have been put in place for your province.