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Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers and Trick-or-Treaters

Every year, Halloween comes along and, that evening, the ‘treat’ of needing to drive even safer than usual comes with it. There will be ghosts, witches, and zombies everywhere, so knowing the tricks to driving through your town can help make everyone’s evening a little safer.

Tips for drivers on Halloween

These might seem straightforward, but it never hurts to have a quick refresher!

  • Slow down.The excitement of knowing that each house contains candy is a powerful thing for your neighborhoods’ children. Reducing your speed through can prevent many scary situations. Assume that if a child is near the road they might start to cross it without looking, so keep your speed low to ensure you can stop in time.
  • Avoid subdivisions. If you’re not joining in on trick-or-treating, avoid subdivisions as much as you can; trick or treaters are usually out in the greatest numbers from 6 – 9 pm.
  • Watch for parked cars. Cars parked on the street can block your view of kids walking out from behind them. If you see one or a few parked cars on the side of the road, decrease your speed even further and proceed with caution.
  • Turn on your headlights earlier. If you have your lights on at dusk, or even a bit before then, it makes it easier for pedestrians to see you even if it’s still light out.
  • Use extra patience at stops. When approaching crosswalks, stop lights, stop signs, yields and any other type of stop you encounter on the road, allow for a little more time. Again, the excitement of candy can have trick-or-treaters eagerly rushing to the next house. Check multiple times before you start moving.
  • Plan for a longer trip. If you are going out on Halloween night, expect that traffic might move a little slower than usual. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination so that you don’t need to rush through neighbourhoods.
  • Do not drink and drive. It’s simple: if you’re drinking, don’t drive. On Halloween or any night. Make arrangements with a designated driver, use a rideshare or call a taxi to get where you’re going safely.

Tips for trick or treaters

Road safety on Halloween is important for those behind the wheel, but also for everyone who is going door-to-door!

  • Walk, don’t run. Yes, it’s very exciting to get that candy, but try to keep a slower pace for the drivers so they have time to notice you.
  • Don’t cross from behind a parked car. If you can’t see the car coming, they can’t see you. Always cross where it’s safe like at a crosswalk or stop sign.
  • Use the sidewalks. If there are sidewalks on the street you’re on, stick to them. If there aren’t any, then walk on the left side of the road where you’re facing traffic.
  • Make yourself noticeable. Whether it’s by adding reflective strips to your costume, wearing glowsticks or even a flashlight, be sure to make it easier for vehicles to spot you.

COVID-19 safety tips

Keeping yourself, your family and your neighbours safe is important, so there’s a few tips to make sure that you can trick or treat and reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19.

  • Avoid crowding. When approaching doorsteps, make sure to wait your turn a little more than usual. Wait for other groups of trick or treaters to leave before you approach.
  • Masks. Even though you or your kids may be wearing a costume mask, most of them alone aren’t effective at stopping the spread of germs. So, make sure you wear a mask under it.
  • Small groups. Keep trick-or-treating groups to just siblings or a close friend or two.
  • Physically distance. As exciting as the evening is, be sure to keep your space!
  • Make goody bags. If you are the one preparing goody bags, wash your hands to soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after prepping bags.
  • Bring along some sanitizer. As you go door-to-door, use hand sanitizer between each one.

Everyone wants to have a good time on Halloween, and these simple safety measures are the best way to ensure that you can. Happy Halloween!