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How to Get Free CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Reports

A CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report is a crucial part of the vehicle shopping process. Our vehicle history reports provide you with details about a car’s history and give you confidence that you’ve found a car that is just right for you.

While you can always purchase your own CARFAX Canada report using the vehicle’s identification number (VIN), you can also view free CARFAX Canada vehicle history reports when you shop with CARFAX Canada partners and member dealers. Here’s how you can access these reports:

Check vehicle listing sites

CARFAX Canada has partnered with several vehicle listing sites to provide you with an online shopping experience that is simple and streamlined. Sites such as,, Kijiji Autos,, and Auto123
allow dealers and private sellers to post their CARFAX Canada reports as part of their vehicle listings. You can view the report for free by clicking on the link in the listing or request that the seller send you the free vehicle history report.

Visit your local dealer

Our CARFAX Canada member dealers work hard to make sure that customers who purchase a vehicle from them do so with full peace of mind. That’s why they provide a CARFAX Canada report with used vehicles sold on their lot, ensuring that potential buyers know all the details about the car’s history. In many cases, dealers will post a printed report on vehicles on the lot and will also post a link to the free CARFAX Canada report on each vehicle listing on their website.

Ask the seller

If you’re looking at buying a vehicle from a private seller, ask the seller to show you the CARFAX Canada vehicle history report. Many sellers recognize that a CARFAX Canada report is a valuable tool that demonstrates they are an open and honest seller and will gladly offer it to you. You can also request the VIN and purchase the report yourself.