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The Best Canadian Road Trips

As Canadians, we’re lucky to have a wide range of travel opportunities in our own backyard. No matter what part of the country you live in, and regardless of whether you’re looking to camp out or spend the night at a luxury resort, there is a road trip for you! So, crank up the tunes, roll down the windows and enjoy the ride as we take you province to province with our Canadian road trip guide.

Prince Edward Island Road Trips

PEI might be the smallest province, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for it with multiple east coast road trips that are some of the best in Canada.

  • North Cape

    Red sand cliffs, oysters and houses made of bottles; this road trip has it all. The total drive will be around 350km if you travel just the coastal areas, but the trip is worth it. The section of the Confederation Trail located on this route breaks off into a nature trail with beautiful views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. See a full road trip itinerary here.
  • Points East

    Unwind behind the wheel with this drive. Red sand beaches as far as the eye can see and rolling farmland are paired together in this 475km road trip. A quiet town feel paired with delicious places to eat fresh seafood make this journey ideal for anyone who is looking for a nice relaxing drive. Check out what else you can see on this trip.

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Newfoundland Road Trips

Where else in Canada can you find whales, icebergs and Viking history other than Newfoundland? It’s a province of jaw-dropping views and quiet yet beautiful towns, all within road trip distance.

  • Admiral’s Coast

    Depending on the time of year, this east coast road trip has multiple stops and the added bonus of whale watching as an opportunity. Taking you up the eastern coast of this province, this roughly 140km round trip starts just outside of the capital city of St. John’s and takes you into rural Newfoundland. Take time to hike Manuels River trail, with the added bonus of spotting some fossils! See the route here.
  • Viking Trail

    As the name suggests, get ready to see some history. Before that, this one-way trip that’s roughly 525km will take you through the awe-inspiring Gros Morne National Park. Hiking through this park will be something you’ll talk about for years. From there, see the recreated settlements from when Vikings made their way to Canada. Learn more about the itinerary here.

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Nova Scotia Road Trips

Known for many things, including the boat that’s on the dime and arguably the best hike in Canada, Nova Scotia offers up a journey that can satisfy any type of traveler.

  • Cape Breton Highlands

    The northernmost point of Nova Scotia provides one of the best experiences in the east coast, or even Canada, with Cape Breton Highlands National Park. With the Cabot Trail weaving 297km throughout this stretch of land, don’t be surprised if you see some whales, bald eagles, moose, and so many other natural wonders that the list seems like it never stops. See more about this national park and start your trip.
  • Peggy’s Cove to Lunenburg

    Taking the scenic route, this one-way journey starts you at the infamous Peggy’s Cove where you can walk across a beach of pure stone to the lighthouse overlooking the rocky waters. After that, you’ll wave along the coast, passing countless small fishing villages where you’ll end up in Lunenburg where the Bluenose II calls home, as well as the picturesque Old Town Lunenburg that sits right on the water. Learn more about your starting point, Peggy’s Cove.

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New Brunswick Road Trips

On both a bay and a gulf, New Brunswick is a province filled with unique destinations and the pictures you take of the sights will only capture a small fraction of its wonder.

  • Bay of Fun-dy

    Have you walked on the floor of a bay before? If not, this is the road trip for you. Making the trek to Hope Well Rocks will provide you with a memory you won’t soon forget as small islands tower over you during low tide. From there, make the journey down to Fundy National Park where you can hike to your heart’s content. Read more about this trip.
  • Appalachian Adventure

    Indulge your sweet tooth at the start of this journey while visiting Kedgwick, where maple syrup flows through the region. From there, the Appalachian Mountains can be conquered. For those that look for a more physically demanding payoff, this is for you. Climb to the peak of Mount Carleton, an 820-meter ascension, and reap the rewards of the view of over 1 million trees. See the full route here.

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Québec Road Trips

The largest province in Canada, Québec offers beautiful views, incredible architecture and a long drive that’s worth the kilometers.

  • The Gaspesie Tour

    This famous Canadian scenic drive can begin in the metropolitan city of Montreal to keep the travel time shorter, but for the full experience, the journey should begin in La Pocatière. It’s a long drive through seascapes, bird sanctuaries, stunning national parks and incredible hiking opportunities. Check out the full 10-day road trip itinerary.
  • The Family Nature Trip

    Whether you have kids in the back seat, or just some adults in the front, this journey is overflowing with experiences. Starting in Gatineau, you’ll want to make the scenic journey towards your destination of Mont-Tremblant. On your way, a must-see-to-believe experience awaits with Parc Oméga. From the comfort of your car, see some of Canada’s amazing wildlife including wolves, elk, beavers, moose and our favourite, foxes. After this, continue north into the mountains to your destination of Mont-Tremblant where there are countless activities for you and your family of any size to enjoy.

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Ontario Road Trips

Home to Algonquin Park, the country’s capital and the world’s oldest baseball field, taking road trips in Ontario provides the opportunity to experience an eclectic mix of urban and rural destinations.

  • Waterfall Tours

    Hamilton, Ontario is commonly referred to as “Steeltown,” but it’s also earned the other title of “waterfall capital of the world.” There are more than 100 waterfalls in the areas and in just one day you can see 20+ of the largest ones. Be sure to check the city’s website for any closures before you head to them as they can be off limits as infrastructure repairs may be happening. See a list of the top ones to visit here.
  • Prince Edward County

    About 2 hours outside of Toronto lies Prince Edward County which has some of the best opportunities for road trips in Ontario. This quiet yet charming piece of Ontario has incredible beaches, boutique hotels, and seemingly endless wineries, breweries and distilleries to tour. Draw straws to choose your designated driver and enjoy the views as you cruise around the county.
  • Algonquin Park and Muskoka

    If you’re looking for the gold standard of road trips in Ontario, look no further than either of these options. The beauty and tranquility of this area simply can’t be beat. There are so many towns and lakes to visit in the area, why not just leave your travel plans at home and see where the days take you? See what the area has to offer and build your own itinerary here. Otherwise, take a drive through the serene Algonquin Park and soak in all that nature has to offer during the drive.

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Manitoba Road Trips

It’s more than just Canada’s heartbeat, Manitoba can provide some truly incredible experiences for everyone on the journey to enjoy.

  • Spruce Woods Journey

    Go for a desert stroll in Manitoba. Roughly 2 hours outside of Winnipeg, this 269 km2 provincial park offers hours of hiking, gorgeous views and a secret oasis. Within the Spirit Sands sand dune, a hidden pond sits in the middle. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty that this provincial park has to offer and is a perfect day trip for families. See what else you can do in Spruce Woods.
  • Riding Mountain National Park

    Just over 3 hours away from Winnipeg, you can take a drive by some bison. With options to camp, rent a cabin or stay in a nearby hotel, Riding Mountain National Park offers accommodation options that will suit any group. Visit the nearby resort town of Clear Lake for a quick swim, but most importantly, while in Riding Mountain, make the drive to Lake Audy Bison Enclosure to get up close to some wild bison! There is nearly 3000 km of this incredible park to explore during your visit.

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Saskatchewan Road Trips

In the heart of the prairies lies some of the most unique and memorable views that you can see on foot or in a vehicle, just make sure you keep your car fueled up for the journey.

  • The Gorgeous Grasslands

    On one of the most scenic drives about 3 hours from the capital city of Regina you can be treated to some incredible natural wonders during both day and night. Owls, bison, coyotes, deer and hawks are just a handful of some of the wildlife you’ll most likely see on your drive. Be sure to stop at the badlands and take in the rolling views. Once night falls, look to the skies and on clear nights the Milky Way can be seen overhead. The Grasslands is a perfect road trip to see nearly endless sights.
  • Cypress Hills Hike

    If you’re heading west, be sure to take a day and stop at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Camping, fishing, swimming, mini-golf and not to mention stunning views are all part of the experience when you visit. The park is broken into two blocks, Centre and West, and combined is over 100 km2 of nature and hiking experiences. Be sure to stop and take in the views at Conglomerate Cliffs lookout once you’ve left to park and really absorb what Saskatchewan can offer.

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Alberta Road Trips

Mountains, ice fields, stampedes, badlands, Lake Louise and everything in between – Alberta offers something for every visitor that’s seeking a memorable west coast road trip.

  • The Columbia Icefields and Jasper

    A road trip to Jasper with a stop at the Columbia Icefields is an incredible road trip, with its destination only 3.5 hours from Edmonton. Make sure to take your time along the drive and stop often and take in every sight you can. You can’t miss the historic Num Ti-Jah Lodge, the bus ride over the glaciers at The Columbia Icefields and Athabasca Falls. Jasper has a variety of accommodation options from a campsite to world class hotels, so you can tailor your trip to meet the needs of any family. Information about accommodations, activities and other things to do is available here.
  • Badlands

    Canada’s own Jurassic Park! Stop in to experience where First Nations etched into sandstone what it was like to live in this area hundreds of years ago. Want to look for fossils? At Dinosaur Provincial Park you can, plus you can see fossils of some of the dinosaurs that were discovered right in that area. The Badlands offer countless activities, and not to mention the landscape is like nothing else in Canada.

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British Columbia Road Trips

The final stop on the coast to coast drive is one that you will not soon forget. BC has some natural wonders that photos don’t do any justice.

  • The Coast Mountain Circle Route

    Starting in Vancouver, you’ll head north to Squamish where you can experience some of Canada’s best-known rock-climbing sites firsthand, or simply marvel at the views it has to offer. From there, continue on to Whistler for world-class hiking, accommodations and adventure options. The road from Whistler to Lillooet is steep, winding and clings to the mountain side, but it’s worth the trek - it truly does take your breath away. Next head to Lytton, explore the Fraser Canyon, check out Harrison Hot Springs before returning to Vancouver. It’s possible to squeeze this in over a weekend, but this might be a great chance to take a 4-day west coast road trip. If it’s possible, add an extra couple of days to make sure you really enjoy everything that you’re passing through. Maps and travel ideas can be found here.
  • Similkameen Valley

    This drive will take you through wine country and multiple provincial parks. Outside of Abbotsford, your first stop is in EC Manning Provincial Park where you can kayak the rivers that cut through the mountain range. Then head through Princeton which has multiple trails for hiking and plenty of spots for fishing. If those don’t interest you, there are six (yes six!) ghost towns in the surrounding area if you want to stroll those abandoned streets. The journey takes you through two more provincial parks before you finish up in Keremos, best known for its collection of wineries. This trip will end up being more than just a weekend, but it’s worth taking the extra days to really take everything in.

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Your next Canadian adventure is just down the road! Be sure to stop and take in everything that Canada has to offer.