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Tips for Selling a Used Car Quickly

It’s no secret that when you’re selling a used car, you want to sell it quickly and for the right price. As a seller, you should know exactly what buyers are looking for, and share that information before the buyer has to ask. Pricing the vehicle competitively and providing the buyer with lots of information about the vehicle’s history will help speed things along.

Car buyers want to feel secure and confident when they make a purchase, especially if they’re buying used. If you’re selling your car privately rather than trading it in to a dealer, the first step is to make your advertisements stand out and ensure that there’s nothing for the prospective buyer to feel nervous about.

Price it right

Most used car shoppers have a good idea of their budget before they start shopping, and the easiest way to make them scroll right past your ad is to price your car higher than comparable vehicles that are listed. Sure, yours may come with cool added features like a remote starter or winter tires, but if you price the vehicle too high because of them, a lot of customers will never read about that extended warranty because they won’t bother clicking on your ad. If your goal is to sell the car quickly, consider throwing those add-ons in as an ‘added bonus,’ and just think of it as a gift-with-purchase that will make your car stand out next to similar year/make/models.

Start your valuing journey with the free CARFAX Canada Value Range tool. Using information from how much comparable vehicles have actually sold for nearby, it supplies you with the average selling price.

Find out your Value Range.

With a Value Range you get an idea of what similar vehicles in your area had been valued at, but your vehicle’s history can be a major factor in how much you can sell it for. With our Vehicle History Report you also receive a free History-Based Value report. This value takes the history, location, and many other factors into account and provides you with a value that is completely unique to the vehicle based on its past.

Be online – in a meaningful way

About 80% of car buyers shop online, and 39% believe online sources are the best for researching vehicles. To sell your car quickly, be where your customers are, and be there in a meaningful way.

Selling a used car involves reassuring the buyer they’re getting a good deal. Presentation is a major part of this process, and it can be the difference between selling a used car quickly and having to wait for a buyer to become interested.

Post advertisements with professional-looking pictures that show the vehicle from multiple angles. Special deals like new tires or custom work can also be major selling points for a used car.

Make sure your ads contain all the information your buyers are looking for. Recent studies have shown that used car buyers want to know about the vehicle’s history before they make a purchase. Prevent online shoppers from flipping right past your ad in favour of one that has this information by attaching a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report to the listing. This will give your potential buyer detailed information about the car’s history and any damage it has sustained.

Have things ready for the buyer

Selling a used car quickly is about making sure everything is in order ahead of time. Having the proper documentation organized and ready to go can speed things up significantly. Providing an accurate car history report will make it easier for you to assure your buyers that the car is in good shape.

Legal documents associated with the car, transfer of ownership documents, insurance and a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report should all be gathered up beforehand. You should also be aware of the requirements for finalizing a private used car sale in your province.