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Best Websites to Buy Used Cars Online in Canada

The Internet is a great way to research products before you head out to buy. The World Wide Web gives you access to products and services you might not be able to find in your small town or surrounding community and allows you to read user reviews as well as compare pricing.

In the used car industry, browsing online is a convenient way to pinpoint what type of car you’re looking for and also gives you insight into the prices you’ll typically encounter. Here are a few places you should search to help you find the perfect car for you.

Check out your local dealer online

Most dealers have a website where they list their available inventory. You can sort through these offerings to see if there’s anything that catches your eye. Doing a bit of research beforehand will help you focus on which cars you’re really interested in once you make the trip to the dealership. The website is also a good place to browse if you’re car searching during the hours when the dealer is typically closed.

Visit an online listing site

There are plenty of online vehicle listing sites where you can browse both dealer and private listings to see what cars are available in your area. Sites like, Kijiji Autos and all offer the option to view an available CARFAX Canada report for the listing or request one from the seller. You can also check out sites like,, Ebay Motors,, and Craigslist to find vehicles for sale.

Your local newspaper

The community or city newspaper may post their classified listings online, providing you with a simple way to browse through what’s available.

Online buying guides

The local used car buying print publication could also have an online element where you can view the listings on the publication’s website. Check out the guide to see if this is an option.