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Which CARFAX Canada Report is Right for Me?

When buying or selling a used car, CARFAX Canada reports are important in building trust between the buyer and seller, allowing the seller to establish themselves as an honest person and enabling the buyer to confidently purchase a vehicle without the fear of unfortunate surprises down the road. CARFAX Canada offers a variety of products that provide different levels of information at different prices, allowing you to choose which report is best suited to your unique situation.

If you’d still like to know more about each vehicle history report and what they offer, here’s a description of each of our reports:

Vehicle History Report + Lien Check: This option provides information about the history of a vehicle (including accident damage, open safety recalls, service records, branding, registration and more), as well as a Canadian lien check.* You need to know if there is a lien or not because that means there is still money owing on the vehicle - and you could become responsible for it.

Vehicle History Report: This option does NOT include a lien check: use this option when you’ve already been provided with (or don't require) lien information. This report only provides the history of a vehicle including accident damage, open safety recalls, service records, branding, registration and more.

If the vehicle you’re interested in is currently registered, or has been registered in BC, you should upgrade to the Vehicle History Report + Lien Check (BC) option as only this report contains all available damage, estimate and insurance information from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), that province’s insurance company.

Hopefully this has helped to clarify what each CARFAX Canada report has to offer! Still not sure which report is best for you? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service team at 1.866.835.8612 and we can walk you through the selection process!

* A Lien Check searches for liens in the Canadian province or territory you’re located in if the vehicle is currently registered there, and every other province and territory in Canada where the vehicle was registered or had its registration renewed within the past year. Learn more about liens.