Buying a car is a major purchase.

Buying a car is a major purchase, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A vehicle history report gives you relevant and important information to help you make an informed used car purchase. Past damage from accidents can impact a vehicle’s value, and a lien registered against the vehicle you’ve purchased could leave you stuck with someone else’s debt.

CARFAX Canada provides the most comprehensive and reliable vehicle history reports in Canada, giving you peace of mind when you purchase a car. Never buy a used car without a CARFAX Canada report.


Unfixed safety recalls

Some vehicles have had multiple owners, which makes it difficult for car dealers to notify current owners of safety recalls on their vehicles. CARFAX Canada will let you know if the car you’re considering has an unfixed safety recall, so you can be confident you’ll be safe behind the wheel.


Canadian lien checks

If the person you’re buying a car from owes money on the car and doesn’t tell you, you could end up responsible for the remainder of the debt.

CARFAX Canada Verified reports include a Canadian lien search* that will tell you if we find liens registered against the vehicle in certain provinces and/or territories in Canada. Don’t get your new used car taken away by creditors. Be certain the car has been paid for before you buy.


Comprehensive accident data

One of the greatest factors that can affect the value of an automobile is past damage history. A CARFAX Canada report tells you if the vehicle has been in an accident, and the extent of the damage.

From fender benders to heavy damage, a CARFAX Canada report can tell you everything that has happened to your vehicle.


Registration and branding

Discover which provinces the vehicle was registered in and whether the car has been negatively branded.

Full Canadian and U.S. history

See a complete picture of any vehicle history from across Canada, as well as the U.S.

Bilingual information

CARFAX Canada’s website, vehicle history reports and customer service are available in French and English.