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Seven Easy Steps to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

The harsh Canadian winters can really leave their mark on a car. Therefore, it’s important that as the weather warms, you give your vehicle some care and attention to ensure it’s in top driving condition. Here are seven steps to help your car recover from winter and get it ready for spring.

Tips for spring cleaning your car

  1. Clean your car’s undercarriage – Depending on where you live, your car has likely been exposed to salt, sand and other grime that can accumulate underneath your car and even cause erosion. Go to a car wash that does a thorough undercarriage wash, or use a garden hose with as much pressure as possible to get rid of all of those lovely winter leftovers.
  2. Deep clean your car’s interior and exterior – Giving your car a full interior/exterior cleaning is a nice way to mark every season change, but it’s especially important in the spring considering the mess that winter brings. Get any residue away from your paint job and give your car a good wax. Clean those floor mats and empty out any extra brushes or winter necessities from your trunk – ‘tis the season to start-a-new!
  3. Take off your winter tires – Many Canadians live in a climate that make winter tires a safety necessity when the temperature drops. Once the mercury climbs above 7°C (and starts to stay there!) it’s time to switch back to your all-season or performance tires.
  4. Check your brakes – Road salt can impact the condition of your brakes. Salt can corrode metal and your brake pads rely on clean, properly lubricated metal frames to work properly. Save a step and get this checked while your car is already elevated having its tires changed at a service center.
  5. Check your tire alignment – Potholes are one of the unfortunate elements of winter driving and they can certainly take their toll on your car. Have your tire alignment checked in the spring, and if you kept your all-season or all-weather tires on over the winter, consider having them rotated as well.
  6. Check your tire pressure – Checking your tire pressure is something many people do all year round. Because your tires lose about one pound per square inch for every 6°C drop in temperature, it’s especially important to check your pressure throughout the winter and as you get your car ready for the warmer months. Learn how to check your tire pressure.
  7. Replace your wiper blades – Your windshield wipers get a real workout keeping your view clear of snow and sleet over the winter, so replacing them every spring (and fall) is a small investment in making sure you have unobstructed views of the road.

Following the steps above will get your car in great shape, helping it to run smoothly on all your fair weather road trips.