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Used Car Buying Stories | Elissa's Story

Used Car Buying Stories | Elissa's Story

Nervous about buying a used car? Wondering if that vehicle has been in an accident, or if the seller is hiding something?

Purchasing a vehicle privately has risks, but there are ways you can help protect yourself. CARFAX Canada has helped millions of Canadians find the right car and avoid making an expensive mistake by providing Canada’s most comprehensive vehicle history report. But don’t take our word for it, here are some REAL stories from Canadians like you:

“CARFAX Canada saved me thousands of dollars”

Elissa from Newfoundland shares*:

“We were looking for a late model, low KM vehicle. We found a great deal, almost too good to be true. Well it was. The owner said it was in a minor accident, just the front light replaced. Since I knew it was in a minor accident I wanted to confirm it. I was shocked to find out that the car was in 3 accidents and the third wrote the vehicle off!!!! It was considered a Salvaged vehicle, repaired, and back on the market like nothing happened. That CARFAX Canada saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you for your service!!!”

CARFAX Canada’s easy-to-read, comprehensive report tells you everything you need to know about a specific car. CARFAX Canada has the info you need to make sure your next car purchase won’t come with an unexpected surprise. Find out about any accident history, registered liens, unfixed recalls and more. Take the mystery out of your car’s history!

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*original quote was received before November 2018 while under the former title CARPROOF.