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CARFAX Canada Car Tire Guide

How much do you know about car tires? You know it’s important to have them, but do you know if you should switch them out when the seasons change? Do you know the difference between the main types o...

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Used Car Trade-in Guide

Are you ready to swap out your old ride for a new one, but don’t know where to start? Trading in your car is a more than just handing over the keys, there’s plenty to know and do before you even g...

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CARFAX Canada Used Car Value Guide

How much is my car worth?

Anyone who has ever bought or sold a used car has probably wondered – what’s my car really worth? This information helps sellers set a competitive asking price, and all...

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What to Know When Buying a Used Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

Electric and hybrid cars have been available for over 20 years, which means the used market for them is continuing to grow. There are many different varieties of vehicles to choose from, so what are t...

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